+ Mercedes-Benz unveils a new generation of its GT sports car

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Mercedes-Benz unveils a new generation of its GT sports car

 Mercedes-Benz unveils a new generation of its GT sports car

Mercedes-Benz unveiled the second generation of its premium sports car on August 18 in Carmel, California. The AMG GT coupe will be on the market in 2024 in two different versions, the first: the AMG GT 63 with 577 horsepower, and the second: the AMG GT55. (AMG GT 55) with 469 horsepower. The more powerful GT63 reaches 60 mph in 3.1 seconds, while its top speed is 196 mph (315 km) while the less powerful GT55 reaches this speed in 3.8 seconds. seconds, and its top speed is 183 miles (295 kilometers) per hour.

The company will announce the prices of each of its two new cars at a later time, knowing that the price of the previous generation car starts at about $120,000.

Important modifications and additions

The coupé replaces a generation of the AMG GT that impressed customers with models such as the AMG GTR. The new GT uses an updated version of the previous models' four-liter, eight-valve engine. The new engine also powers the Mercedes-AMG SL, which the company reintroduced last year.

Mercedes raises its profit forecast thanks to luxury cars and trucks

One of the most significant changes in the new model is the optional seat layout (2 + 2), which allows room for two additional passengers - if they are small enough to fit into the cramped rear area. (The company recommended, in a press release, that they be no more than 5 feet, or 152 centimeters.) Also new in the car is a four-wheel drive system that maintains the car's performance in all weathers, and a retractable rear spoiler that is integrated into the trunk lid. At speeds over 50 mph, the spoiler, or "aerodynamic stack" at the rear of the car, can automatically adjust to five different angles to improve performance and reduce drag. Also standard on the new models are a new Ride Control suspension with roll stability and rear axle steering.

“Mercedes” did not reveal the weight of the car, but with its additional seats, four-wheel drive system, rear-wheel steering, and nine-speed transmission; It likely weighs more than its predecessor's 3,600 lbs.

A year full of successes

The launch of the new sports car comes on the heels of a successful year for the German brand. Having announced in 2022 that it will cater to the wealthiest customers by getting rid of some of its less expensive basic models; Mercedes is starting to see positive results. An analysis by Bloomberg Intelligence indicates that the average selling price of a Mercedes will be about 40% higher than it was in 2019.

The AMG GT is scheduled for delivery in the first half of 2024, and will compete fiercely with cars such as the popular Porsche 911 Turbo, a $197,200 coupe with 572 horsepower and acceleration. It reaches 60 mph in 2.7 seconds.

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